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Gallon Drunk - München > Punk  |  Psychobilly  |  Alternative Rock
17/09/2012 - München - Ampere
Performing Artists:

Gallon Drunk

“Gallon Drunk? Cool as fuck.” Nick Cave

Following the tragic illness and death of their bassist Simon Wring, acclaimed British band Gallon Drunk return as a three piece with the dynamic new album, (title tbc).
Recorded at Clouds Hills Recordings in Hamburg during the summer of 2011, produced by Johann Scheerer (Faust/Robots In Disguise), the band bring the considerable power of their renowned live performances to the new record which will be available on heavyweight vinyl, CD and Download.

Featuring founder frontman and former Nick Cave and
the Bad Seeds member James Johnston (vocals, organ,
guitar, harmonica, piano, and bass), Terry Edwards
(bass, saxophone and percussion) and Ian White
(drums, percussion), the trio have refocused their utterly
distinctive musical vision with a collection of impassioned songs, imbued with pure mania, despair and abandonment.
At the state of the art analogue recording studio, Scheerer recorded the band playing the songs live, direct to two-inch tape. This gave a warmth, richness and depth of sound to the recording. Coupled with the band members’ own recent experiences, playing and recording with the likes of Lydia Lunch’s Big Sexy Noise, Faust, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and The Tindersticks, this brought an open minded freshness to the sessions.

From the insistent, slide guitar driven ‘1,000 Years’, through the exhilaratingly sleazy, deranged rock ‘n’ roll of ‘You Made Me’ (the first 7” inch single to be released from the album), the menacing melancholia of ‘Stuck In My Head’ (featuring French singer Marion Andrau of Underground Railroad), to the desperate eruption of guitar fury of ‘Hanging On’, this is classic, unfettered Gallon Drunk.
Also including the snake-like swamp groove of ‘Now’s The Time’, the fever dream boogie of ‘The Big Breakdown’, before the final haunting, enigmatic psychodrama ‘The Perfect Dancer’ - a miasma of hallucinatory guitars, Hammond organs and slinky voodoo drums - the seventh Gallon Drunk album is an utterly captivating experience.
Make no mistake - Gallon Drunk are back.

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