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13/09/2019 - Jena - TRAFO
Performing Artists:

Maria Somerville
Andrea Poggio

Andrea Poggio is full of intriguing contradiction. Throughout his music he challenges the traditional, while having a classical Italian air about himself. Just like Milan, the city he lives in, he combines sophistication with innovative and forward thinking.

His solo album “Controluce” (2017) is a lyrical and musical treat for those who appreciate elegant and sensitive narratives of everyday life tided up with original, synthetic sound. 

“Poggio, who corresponds to a Lombard Wes Anderson, produces distinct and valuable pop that is both cultured and cosmopolitan” - Le Monde

“In his solo debut the milanese lawyer experiences adventures from his sofa, at a station bar, on a highway or strolling around a seaside. Displays of spring are lived by this dreaming outsider, between bossa nova and The Adventures of Tin Tin in neon” - Internazionale

“Controluce is an album adequately poignant and romantic, the story of a nerd character set in a modern metropolis during the economic boom” - Rolling Stone Italia

“A beautiful musical journey, witty, retrofuturistic and pleasantly misanthropic. Nine fascinating, ironic, occasionally surreal tracks. Nine effortlessly challenging pieces.  A great record.” - Blow Up

Maria Somerville draws on folk forms alongside post-punk, traditional Irish motifs, starry eyed pop and hypnotic drones to create wholly original music that is borne of her roots in Connemara, Western Ireland.

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Andrea Poggio im TRAFO, Jena

Andrea Poggio im TRAFO, Jena
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