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Nytt Land > Folk  |  Dark Ambient  |  Experimental
03/06/2019 - Hamburg - MS Stubnitz
Performing Artists:

Nytt Land

The magic of the Ancient North.

Music, skillfully balancing on the brink of ritual and the traditional folk of Northern Europe, is born in the heart of Siberia. The instruments created by the musicians of the band awaken something sacred, long forgotten. And the beats of the drums, amplified by throat singing, lead the Siberian shamans' path far through the vast taiga.
Travel between the cold landscapes of the Tundra, the Mongolian steppes, and the Scandinavian fjords with the songs of Nytt Land.

 The main core of the magical sound of the NYTT LAND is Natasha Pakhalenko’s unique natural vocals, in which clean folklore techniques of Siberia and Saami and low Tuva throat singing easily alternate.


Prepare for Ritual..

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VVK +1€ Spende Clubkombinat
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