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29/05/2019 - 02/06/2019 - Leipzig - institut fuer zukunft
Performing Artists:

Carla dal Forno
Helena Hauff

● music (more to be announced)
Helena Hauff (GER) / Juliana Huxtable (US) / Carla dal Forno (AUS) / Tygapaw (US) / M.E.S.H. (USA) / VTSS (PL) / SOLARIS. (GER) / T-Data(GER) / Stanley Schmidt (GER) / FAQ (GER) / gal & XVII as Carbon Dehydrate (GER) 


Balance is Club and Culture. Balance is Music, Art and Discourse. Balance is forward-thinking, interdisciplinary, feminist, performative, hybrid and deconstructing.


From May 29th till June 2nd 2019 the second edition of Balance Club / Culture Festival will take place as interdisciplinary Event in Leipzig. With the topic 'corpo_realities' it investigates different perspectives on body politics, identities, reclamation, visibility and empowerment – constantly reflecting on the idea, that club / culture has the potential to create spaces of counterculture within the society.


●  installation 


●  perfomance (more to be announced)
Robin Buckley / rkss /


●  lectures (more to be announced)
Chiara Baldini: gender, ecstasy and the revolution
Dr. Iris Dankemeyer: die gewalt der musik
Juliana Huxtable: POST

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