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DISTRACT ROBOTS Release Party > Minimal  |  IDM  |  Electronica
30/03/2019 - 31/03/2019 - Berlin - ACUD
Performing Artists:

Frieder Nagel

InFiné Labelnight feat. Cubenx, Bernstein, Labelle & Frieder Nagel

Frieder Nagel invites his listeners to get lost in an universe that spans from euphoric to devastating excitement or as the US Magazine Xlr8r describes: "Distract Robots is an otherworldly treat; its five tracks take the listener down a constantly morphing auditory wormhole full of light, darkness, and cosmic bliss [...]" InFiné label family welcomes its newcomer and celebrates his debut release with the kick-off event for a new labelnight-series in Berlin and a truly international cast of extraordinary artists. Including Cesar Urbina aka Cubenx from Mexico known for his luxuriant sound design and translucent kick drums, Bernstein from Switzerland, a curious explorer of the endless landscapes of melancholic minimal and deep-house, and last but not least one of the rare european shows of Labelle coming all the way from Reunion-island situated far behind madagascan soil, who gives Berlin a short visit before his show at the Philharmony of Paris.

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