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28/02/2019 - Hamburg - MS Stubnitz
Performing Artists:

Sudden Infant

Sudden Infant is a Swiss Industrial-Dada-Noise-Rock band based in Berlin. Their 2014 album "Wölfli’s Nightmare“ on Voodoo Rhythm Records (official) was produced by Roli Mosimann (Swans, The Young Gods, Wiseblood) and was very well received by critics and audiences. 

After 25 years of extensive solo works and collaborations, Sudden Infant is operating since 2013 as a three-piece band with Joke Lanz, Christian Weber and Alexandre Babel. 
The international acclaimed Noise project has transformed into a Dada-Punk-Industrial unit. Their first band-album „Wölfli’s Nightmare“ in 2014 on Voodoo Rhythm Records was produced by Roli Mosimann (Swans). 

In the past Sudden Infant toured with Sleaford Mods and played alongside Wolf Eyes, Ben Frost, Merzbow, Derek Bailey, Jim O'Rourke, Thurston Moore and many others.

The brand new 2018 album „Buddhist Nihilism“ coming in August on Harbinger Sound UK will consolidate the bands ability for bizarre and intense compositions full of left field humor, powerful rhythms and twisted structures. Brilliantly mixed and mastered by Martin Siewert (Radian) in his Vienna studio.

"Buddhist Nihilism, the new Sudden Infant album is a real fistful of sturm und drang, a real departure for the band. The new record leaves some of the noise and industrial elements behind and sees the band streamlining its approach. The barebones, minimal throb recalls fellow travelers The Ex and Suicide, with your somewhat unstable downstairs neighbor screaming at the daily horrors flashing on the television screen.“ - Daniel Blumin / WFMU 

"Sudden Infant go all the way. Nothing is held back." - Keith Moline / The Wire 

"One of Europe's finest Noise provocateurs!" - Matthew Kosloff / Skyscraper Magazine 

"Fucking awesome band! I was lucky enough to witness their set live at 100 Club. Killer!" - Steve Crittall / The Godfathers 

Joke Lanz: vocals, electronics
Christian Weber: bass
Alexandre Babel: drums




..ıl lı..

..ıl Baakenhafen/Baakenhöft. Kirchenpauerkai 26. 20457 Hamburg lı..
..ıl U4 HafenCity Universität lı..
..ıl Buslinie 111 zum Baakenhöft (fährt über Altona, Fischmarkt, Reeperbahn, Landungsbrücken, Elbphilharmonie, … bis kurz vor die Stubnitz lı.. 

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