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06/12/2018 - Hamburg - MS Stubnitz

Ahoi da draußen!
Wir, Eruption of Corruption, werden am 6. Dezember 2018 unsere Debut-EP "UNCHAINED" veröffentlichen. Das wollen wir ausgiebig mit euch feiern, deshalb veranstalten wir am selben Tag eine Release-Party auf der MS Stubnitz. Dabei wird musikalisch einiges geboten: DETRAKTOR und Tears Of Fire werden gemeinsam mit uns schwere Klänge und harte Riffs auf die Stubnitz bringen.

Ahoy out there!
We [Eruption of Corruption] are going to publish our debut-EP 'UNCHAINED'. We'd like to celebrate that with you on the release date, the 6th of December, on board of the motor ship Stubnitz (MS Stubnitz). Beside us, DETRAKTOR and Tears Of Fire will rock the stage with heavy sounds and hard riffs.

DETRAKTOR: Born from the early hours of the night in early December 2015 in Hamburg, Detraktor has been working hard towards harvesting the interest of the locals and beyond. Heavily inspired by past influences and often bringing elements of old school legendary bands to the music, Detraktor often sparks local curiosity and grabs the interest of the crowd with the groove and the attitude. The core lineup of the band (Henrique, Rafael and Boris) was finally completed when Jeronimo joined the ranks in a very stressful and active period, in the early 2017. After releasing “Sunday Poem”, Detraktor was on the move and after some careful drinking, the overall style of the music and the band in general started to find its way. All songs are written spontaneously and purely based on emotion and attitude. As a result, the front row at shows receives a powerful kick in the face of heavy riffing.


 TEARS OF FIRE: Tears Of Fire formed in 1998 in Tehran/Iran .the very first idea was to combine infrequent Iranian classical music with folklore/ethnic orchestration and metal. On 7 july 1999 we manage to perform our first concert in Religions Conference Opening act,which was intrupted by secret police,cuting the electricity and destroying our instruments.In the act some of us manage to scape with crowd assistance and some ended up in jail .the pictures and video were deleted from Alzahra univercity archive. On 15 july 1999 some of us performed the final gig in celebration of *Tirgan festival* in Chogha Zanbil ziggurat in Dezful/Iran.


Eruption of Corruption: EoC was originally founded in 2010 and releasd their first demo EP "Mutilating Progression" in 2013. After several gigs in Hamburg and a few line-up changes, the band was reformed in autumn 2017 within the recent line-up. In 2018 EoC played multiple shows in northern and eastern Germany to promote their upcoming release "UNCHAINED", which will be physically released at this event.



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..ıl Baakenhafen/Baakenhöft. Kirchenpauerkai 26. 20457 Hamburg lı..
..ıl U4 HafenCity Universität lı..
..ıl Buslinie 111 zum Baakenhöft (fährt über Altona, Fischmarkt, Reeperbahn, Landungsbrücken, Elbphilharmonie, … bis kurz vor die Stubnitz lı..

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