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19/10/2018 - 19/10/2018 - Hamburg - kukuun
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The Indie Band, Stiffy, out of Hamburg, is living proof that raw talent and creativity will lead to world-class-music. Stiffy has been entertaining audiences live since 2017. The 5 member band has a unique core sound made from a rich blend of great melodies with rock and electro riffs,
”Its the emotion that hits you“, Says Demys (guitar, Vocals), ”we put that upfront and face to face with the audience.“ Stiffy songs are strongly influenced by the many years he was active in the London music scene.


“Its our compelling melodies inside the indie sound that really make our music original”, says Skelly (Vocal, keys). Skelly, from Los Angeles, adds exceptional vocals and international flare to Stiffy.


By pure chance Demys and Skelly met in Hamburg and formed Stiffy with exceptional music talents: Artur (Bass), Martin (Drums) and Lukasz (Guitar).


Artur, a Russian born german, gives a solid rock spirit that sits so tight with Martin, a polish born drummer. Lukasz, also a polish/german, adds just the right amount of power with his incredible guitar riffs and musical abilities. It’s the combined talents that allows Stiffy to create an outstanding experience.


From cult clubs (Kunst, Logo, Kukuun) to Festivals (Harley Days, Kieler Woche) the audience simply can’t stand still when Stiffy plays. With more than 50 gigs since the beginning, Stiffy has become a favourite of event
bookers in northern Germany.





Einlass: 19 Uhr
Beginn: ab 20 Uhr

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