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12/10/2018 - Hamburg - Stellwerk Hamburg
Performing Artists:

The Black Drongos are a wild 60sgaragepunk monster from Hamburg which will make you drool! For yourpleasure, they twang out a primitive blend of Rock'n'Roll, raw beatpunk and dirty lo-fi trash with some frantic surf guitars. Juliette,Orsen and Zord stumbled upon each other at a renowned mystical cellarbar in St. Pauli to find out that they had the same dilettant yetcharming ideas on how to cause an aural ruckus! Watch out for theirdistorted and torrid thunderstorm!

The Come and Go Gos
Mannehme etwas Punk, Rock, Garage und eine Prise Sternenstaub – dasResultat?! The space-girls will have their say! InterstellarPunkrock.

THEBEASTS: Trash-Rock'n'Roll from the Surf Garage
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