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BEAK> > Elektronik
05/12/2018 - Hamburg - Nochtspeicher
Performing Artists:

Featuring members of Portishead and Moon Gangs, BEAK> is a triocrafting dense and atmospheric music inspired by dub, Krautrock, and the BeachBoys. The moody sound of albums such as the group's self-titled 2009 debut madeBEAK>'s music a perfect fit for soundtrack work, which included 2016'sCouple in a Hole soundtrack.

The band began in late 2008, when Portisheadproducer/multi-instrumentalist Geoff Barrow, bassist Billy Fuller, andkeyboardist Matt Williams jammed at Invada Records' Christmas party, thenstarted playing as BEAK> early in 2009. They recorded their debut album in12 days with a strict set of rules: the trio members recorded all of theirparts in the same room, and no overdubbing was allowed. BEAK> arrived infall 2009 via Ipecac in the U.S. and Invada in the U.K., just before the groupmade its official live debut at the Ten Years of ATP Festival.

That year, Barrow met and signed the German political journalist turnedpost-punk singer Anika, with whom BEAK> recorded her 2010 eponymous debutalbum. He also kept busy with a number of other Invada-related projects,including Quakers, an underground hip-hop collective, and Drokk, acollaboration with composer Ben Salisbury inspired by the long-running comicstrip Judge Dredd. Quakers' self-titled album and Drokk: Music Inspired byMega-City One both arrived in early 2012, shortly before a new BEAK> album,>>, appeared. That year also saw the release of the Mono/Kenn single aswell as a split single with DD/MM/YYYY.

The group returned in 2015 with the BEAK> 's score to Belgiandirector Tom Geens' psychological drama Couple in a Hole, which featured tracksfrom the band's albums as well as new original material, arrived in May 2016.That year, Williams departed the group and was replaced by Will Young, also ofMoon Gangs. In 2017, BEAK> released two singles: June's Sex Music, whichfeatured a remix by Arcade Fire's Win Butler, and that December's Merry Xmas(Face the Future), which benefited the mental health resources The National ElfService and The Mental Elf. L.A. Playback, a digital collection of B-sides andrarities, arrived in April 2018.

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