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Mathias Tretter & Johnny Armstrong >
28/10/2018 - Leipzig - die naTo e.V.
Performing Artists:

»English Stand Up Comedy Live«  |  Mathias Tretter & Johnny Armstrong
Mathias Tretter - Not with a bang, but a whimper
That's globalisation for you: Brits become cooks, and Germans comedians. Not for very much longer, and we will be facing Taliban lapdancers! But, believe it or not, German humour can be as funny as British food yummy. Here comes Mathias Tretter, who is going to show you that Germany has more to contribute to international comedy than just Hitler (who was Austrian, anyway).

Johnny Armstrong - Merciless
Johnny Armstrong is a quick-fire one-liner comedian from England’s deep, dark North.
He is known for his unique brand of black humor delivered with a hefty portion of self-deprecation. A veteran of the London comedy circuit, he has taken Germany by storm with TV appearances and sold-out shows across the mainland. Many say that he has internalized the Monty Pythons, but it looks more like he’s eaten them.

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