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The Cubical > Blues  |  Blues Rock
10/06/2018 - Hamburg - MS Stubnitz
Performing Artists:

The Cubical

The Cubical sound is one that is essentially based in Blues, but like Captain Beefheart, Zappa and Tom Waits before them they twist it around and shake it up and inevitably end up with something altogether a little weirder.


– "Wilson makes Waits sound like Tiny Tim" (The Guardian)

– "Imagine if Captain Beefheart was fronting The Doors, and they were a psyche garage band? With an extraordinary dip into black and white Cash/Cave territory, this could be a party being thrown by the coolest hot-rod-lovin', corn-fed dame-shaggin' son of a gun known to man! A Great find." 4/5 (MAG-Australia)

– "'A trembling and yet raucous collection of songs... Think Tom Waits mixed with Detroit Cobras into the heady cocktail. Lovely stuff." 4/5 (Big Cheese Mag )

– "one of the coolest things of the year" "fuckin' mega!" (Noel Gallagher)

– "Much of the charm of, and pleasure to be gleaned from, the Cubical is that hearing their music is like stumbling across some dusty long-lost recordings of forgotten voodoo rockers, while seeing them live is apparently like being sent back to the 60s to witness the Doors at Whisky A Go-Go or the Stones at the Flamingo...Superbly "realistic", authentically 60s-sounding blues-wailing and jungle boogie with lashings of harmonica and psychedelic guitar." (The Guardia)

– “If the world were a better place, The Cubical would have number 1 hits all the way. Genius!” (MOJO)



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