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30/06/2018 - 30/06/2018 - Hamburg - Monkeys Music Club
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The Calamity Cubes! are a 4 piece Kansas thrashicana band. They sing about love, drinking and murder, themes not unlike those found in the Bible.

The Calamity Cubes! from Wichita, Kansas are comprised of three core members — though often joined by any number of their talented friends. This core is Brook Blanche on guitar and vocals, Joey Henry on banjo and vocals, and Kody Oh on bass and vocals. 

Brook Blanche has all-but-mastered the art of crafting a lyrically witty and heart-wrenching song; pulling influence from a breadth of experience and the dedication to perfecting his work. Whether you find Brook standing alone on-stage or surrounded by the intensity of his partners, the impact of his lyric is equally as profound. Similarly, Joey Henry has proven as adept a songwriter as anyone else and is at the top of the class in introspective lyricism; referred to Joey’s arrangements as “loose, abstract affairs, like musical roller coaster rides.” Joey, just like his partners, can hold his own as a solo performer but is bolstered all-the-more by the team of vocals surrounding the melodies he has crafted.

The strength of this trio is proven unparalleled when you include both the great lyrics, sound melodies, and the brute intensity of its upright bassist, Kody Oh!Oh!, who rounds the group out with an edge unlike any other outfit. Kody Oh! may be the man thrashing his bass to shreds on any given night but it should not overshadow his own outstanding contributions as vocalist and songwriter to this unique and talented trio of writers.

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