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17/10/2018 - 17/10/2018 - Berlin - Berghain
Performing Artists:

Swedish singer, songwriter, producer and filmmaker Jonna Lee, creator and front person of the audiovisual project  iamamiwhoami, brings her ten-year artistic career to a new peak with the release of her maiden ionnalee offering, "Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten" (Feb 16th 2018) on To May It Whom Concern.
After 9 years of constant work with iamamiwhoami, as well as frontingRöyksopp´s world tour during 2017, ionnalee finally completed her new album and with it, a standalone film co-created with Cinematographer, John Strandh, dressed by COMME des GARCONS.
2009 saw Jonna Lee beginning a seminal metamorphosis which would lead her to create the award winning, viral, electronic pop phenomenon that is iamamiwhoami together with Barbelle, a project that has now garned over 44,000.000 views on their audiovisual series on Youtube and an international online following. IONNALEES´ new self produced solo album "Everyone Afraid to Be Forgotten" eminates around what drives an artist to creat in a milieu brimful with people fighting to be seen and hear and to express themselves. Exploring a generation´s fear of oblivion. 
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