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Alex's Hand, Les Tristes Cannibalist > Jazz Rock/Fusion  |  Pop/Rock
23/05/2018 - Hamburg - MS Stubnitz
Les Tristes Cannibalistes

Progressive Experimental Psychedelic Pop aus dem hohen Norden. 

Sheraz, Roman & Co. produzieren seit Jahren meditative und ungewöhnliche Klangwelten, durch die traurige Elefanten trotten. Am besten direkt ein Sitzkissen oder eine Decke vor die Bühne mitbringen, sich drauf- oder ins Gras legen und von den Schallwellen das Hirn massieren lassen. Keine Sorge, die Jungs beißen nicht. 

Sheraz Puri - Gitarre & Gesang,
Roman Dippong - Schlagzeug,
Johann Layer - Keys, Lap Steel, Synths, Glockenspiel, Perc.
Pierre Gloyer - Saxophon, Backing Vocals, Perc.
Darius Faryar - Bass

Alex's Hand  is polystylistic avant-prog-fusion rock group centered around the compositions of bassist Kellen Mills and drummer Nic Barnes. It was founded in Seattle, WA in 2011, initially as a duo. Nic came from a jazz background, playing with various jazz and philharmonic ensembles. While Kellen came from the opposite side of the spectrum: punk rock, and a self-taught approach to composition. This combination of styles has informed their approach to music and created a punk ethos of 'anti' mixed with complex orchestral arrangement and jazz construction. Dabbling in everything from rock, metal, jazz, avant-grade, classical, progressive and experimental music, ALEX'S HAND are extremely sensitive to improvisation and have a vast ability to learn and develop. Each performance is different and is based entirely on the musicians chosen to interpret the material written for them. 

In 2014, ALEX'S HAND left the United States and are currently based out of Berlin, Germany. Over the course of their career, the band shared stages with many known groups like Thinking Plague, miRthkon, Panzerballett, and Upsilon Acrux. Now in 2018, ALEX'S HAND are hard at work on their next album, planning another European tour, and set to play several iconic festivals including 'Zappanale', 'Burg Herzberg', and 'Freakshow Artrock'. 

The band's current live line-up features: 
Kellen Mills (bass)
Nic Barnes (drums)
Ruben Bergnes (guitar)
Matt Kennon (tenor-saxophone, synth)
Jacopo Bazzarri (vibes)
Alex's Hand Live group 2017:  
Alex's Hand - Oh Bill:


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