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The Academy of Sun + Night Tongue > New Wave
27/04/2018 - Hamburg - MS Stubnitz
Performing Artists:

The Academy of Sun
Night Tongue
Night Tongue  (US/AUS)
LA based transgressive post-punk duo from Australia,  Carisa Bianca Mellado  + Andrew Dalziell create a dark mythic world of sex death horror + ecstasy.

Night Tongue is a transgressive post-punk duo from Los Angeles. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, the duo create a dark mythic world of sex, death, horror and ecstasy constructed from modal vocal virtuosity, bright shimmering guitars, filthy bass, drum machine, synth and cello. Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell (of Concrete Veil) combine their energies to create a music of violence, prayer and transcendence.

Carisa Bianca Mellado is a singer, performer and composer of her own brand of synth heavy dark dream pop, gothic shoegaze, black opera music. The descendent of legendary opera singers Antonio Tambourini and Giulia Tambourini, she began her passion for singing at the age of 3.

Carisa's music marries diverse influences, from Cocteau Twins and Nico to Nina Simone and Cyndi Lauper. It is at once catchy and challenging, presenting a unique atmosphere that is instantly definable: a dark, dreamy, shoegaze, goth pop sound that seamlessly transcends into sultry swaying death jazz. Carisa Bianca Mellado is an occult expert and her music and composition is complemented by conceptualized mythologies, occult symbolism as well as video and art that often incorporates these dark, mythical themes. These influences combine to bring glittering pink intergalactic explosions together with a deep, dark, velvety dream and the mysterious underworld and otherworldly realms where heroes’ journeys are taken.

The Academy of Sun  (UK)
Queer gnostic post-punk band from the UK, led by composer  Nick Hudson. Nick Hudson (b. 1981) has been creatively active in various media for many years. Based in Brighton since 2003, he has already produced a vast wealth of music, eclectic in scope and form. 

In addition to performing solo, he performs with The Academy of Sun a hydra-headed entity of rotating membership, weaving densely-textured arrangements into truly epic music, encompassing progressive rock, modern composition, jazz, folk and outright psychedelia, as befitting an ensemble whose members are drawn from disparate worlds of classical, noise, doom and rock. The Academy Of Sun has performed with Shara Nelson (Massive Attack), Matthew Seligman (Bowie, Morrissey) and Kayo Dot, amongst others.

The Academy of Sun has juggernauted through various incarnations since 2009, beginning as the compositional laboratory of Nick Hudson-plst-accompanying-accomplices, and fluctuating in number from between two and fifteen players. Since 2014 its membership has crystalised into a seven-piece, evolving into a democratic unit, sinuously augmenting NH's compositions in the form of a queer, gnostic, post-punk orchestral militia.

The Academy of Sun has just completed its new record Codex Novena, and is working towards its release later this year.


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