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Pretty Lightning (Fuzz Club Records) > Rock'n'Roll  |  Blues Rock  |  Punk
03/05/2018 - 04/05/2018 - Leipzig - Tanzcafé Ilses Erika
"These two pals from a small town in Germany have hit on an honestly impressive variation of Delta blues. When they summon aspooky drone, it’s been likened to the Amon Duul II hippy shake, but I hear something closer to Junior Kimbrough in its composure and hypnosis. They’ll hang on a single bobbling lick for a long time, and when it changes up, it’s both traditional and unexpected."   

"Pretty Lightning’s rural and heavy psychedelic blues is definitely southbound – not to sweaty Mississippi Juke Joints but to their sundrenched hometown, located south-west Germany, near the french border...

But despite the sunny enviroment surrounding, Pretty Lightning’s sound is more of a powerful dark affair. Pounding drums, muddy guitars and some ghostly vocals mixed altogether and ready to put a spell on you!

Pretty Lightning’s feverish tunes are referencing electrified blues from fiery Hound Dog Taylor to sleepy Junior Kimbrough and are of course reminiscent of contemporaries like the Black Keys or Mr. Airplane Man."

Holger Adam/Phantom Limbo

Ja, also besser kann man's nicht ausdrücken. Wir freuen uns jedenfalls auf die zwei Hasardeure.

Zudem können wir euch als krachenden Auftakt die schweinegeilen Hallucination Generation um die Ohren pfeffern!
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