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Astralia / Vandemonian / Halma > Pop/Rock  |  Post-Rock  |  Rock
25/10/2017 - Hamburg - Stellwerk Hamburg
Performing Artists:

Astralia was born in La Floresta in November 2010, from the union of three music coming from different styles but with the common idea of creating songs with new sounds, new atmospheres, new textures, often developed from a few notes. Playing with instruments, they create organic ambients where harmonic sensation coexist.
Creations that inspired by nature and, as well as it does, ask for time and pauses. It’s a space trip, influenced by the most ambient post-rock that goes under your skin and it’s impossible to forget.

Vandemonian is an alternative/progressive/post-rock band from Hamburg. Formed by Tasmanian guitarist Nick Braren after relocating to Germany, the name literally means Tasmanian and is derived from the island’s colonial name Van Diemen’s Land.
Bassist Alex Steininger and drummer Alex Benthin completed the trio after a long search for local like-minded musicians. Their music blends atmospheric instrumental digressions with progressive song-structure and upbeat, unconventional rhythms.
Their first, self-titled EP was released independently in autumn 2016.

Founded in 1999 as a classical rock formation, HALMA quickly moved away from conventional song structures towards the influence of loops and electronica. The band shapes its music from improvisation: musical themes arise out of the flow of playing, which then become the building blocks for compositons. HALMA transfer mechanisms of electronical music into an analog band structure.

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