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11/11/2017 - Hamburg - Prinzenbar
Performing Artists:

Theodore is adynamic multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer. He fuses classicalcomposition with electronic elements to create beautifully atmospheric andoften cinematic songs. His unique mélange of influences, from Pink Floyd andRadiohead to a schooling in piano and traditional Greek folk music, has alreadytaken him from Church Studios to supporting Sigur Ros at Release AthensFestival in 2016. Ηis debut album It IsBut It’s Not has Theodore playing piano, guitar, synthesizer andglockenspiel, while his bandmates add rock instrumentation alongside an elegantstring section. Written and arranged by Theodore the album was co-produced byClive Martin (Queen, Reef) and mixed by Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós, Moby, M83) inLondon, and then performed live at the fabled Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios.Out on United We Fly in 2016, It Is ButIt’s Not was met with great acclaim throughout Europe. Future plans includethe release of his next album and live performances in Germany(Reeperbahnfestival), France, UK, Poland and Sweden.

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