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27/10/2017 - Luebeck - treibsand
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The Inciters
THE INCITERS, aus Santa Cruz /USA, sind geballte Soul Power mit drei faszinierenden Damen am Lead Gesang.
Wunderbarer energetischer WestCoast NorthernSoul, bestens gewürzt mit etwas Motown & Stax, Garagerock, einem Touch 60ies-Pop und unwiderstehlichen Arrangements. Sowohl, was ihre eigenen Songs angeht, als auch ihre spitzenmäßigen Coverversionen.
The Inciters are an 11-piece band, featuring three female vocalists and a horn section. They play mostly play originals, but the idea of their performances is to re-create the vibe of the pre-hippie 1960s.
Bereits seit 1995 ist diese US Band auch ein fester Bestandteil der europäischen Soul Szene und die Shows gleichen stetig wachsenden Familientreffen, bei denen langjährige Fans und Freunde immer wieder zum feiern zusammenkommen.
Mit einem Repertoire von gut 4 Stunden können THE INCITERS sowohl glamouröse Dinner Shows, im Motown Stil, als auch zerrockte Scooter Ralley Parties bespielen und zu einem besonderen Ereignis machen.
"11-piece Santa Cruz band The Inciters re-create the sound of 1960s-era Northern Soul"
By Wallace Baine for The Santa Cruz Sentinel / Posted: 01/29/14, 12:01 AM PST
The first thing you should know about the Inciters is that they are not a cover band.
Sure, the Santa Cruz soul band will occasionally play a song written or recorded by someone else, but you won't hear them taking on Stevie Wonder or the Four Tops.
"We'll do an occasional wedding," said the band's front man and co-founder Rick Kendrick. "And I'll have to sit down with people and tell them, 'Look, if someone comes up and asks us to do a Temptations song, we're just not going to know it. That's not what we do.'"
It is not a snob thing. The Inciters are devoted to the genre of Northern Soul, an expression of largely American soul music championed by DJs and musicians in the north of Great Britain in the 1960s. And the very idea of Northern Soul was to search out all the great soul music that wasn't getting the airplay that the classic recordings of Motown and Stax were getting.
So when the group does tackle a cover song, they are going deep into the 1960s soul catalogue as a matter of principle.
Northern Soul, explained Kendrick, was less a distinct musical style than it was a movement to popularize otherwise overlooked material coming out of the United States.
"It was more obscure soul music coming out of labels that just didn't have the resources that someone like Motown or Stax had," said Kendrick, a long-time record collector and DJ in his own right. "Usually, they were more upbeat and a lot of times those records had an edge that was a little more raw. And we definitely try to keep that edge."
The Inciters are an 11-piece band, featuring four female vocalists and a horn section. They play mostly play originals, but the idea of their performances is to re-create the vibe of the pre-hippie 1960s. The men wear suits; the women matching outfits. Prizes will be awarded for the best-dressed retro chic look at Friday's Kuumbwa show.
"We all suit up," said Kendrick. "I encourage everybody that comes to our gigs to dress retro. And we really get into it. I figure if we're having fun on stage, people in the audience are going to have fun too."
The Inciters date back to 1995, but Kendrick is the only one remaining from that original group. The group disbanded a decade later, but in 2009, Kendrick reconstituted the band, and since then, they've become one of the hardest working bands on the West Coast.
"We play from Seattle to San Diego," he said. "We all have day jobs, so we're weekend warriors, but just about every weekend, we're playing somewhere."
The band has traveled to Europe five times over the years, taking advantage of the seemingly bottomless appeal that American soul and R&B music has in Europe. They have released four albums that have even sold well internationally.
Kendrick said that, despite the fact that the style of the Inciters' music is steeped in an era now 50 years in the past, he believes that young people are the key audience of the Inciters' sound.
"I'm 51," he said, "so I'm the old guy in the band. But the youngest is 20, and whenever we bring in new people, it's important to have that younger energy. We always try to keep young faces in the band, because we're always trying to get young people out to these shows."
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