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25/10/2017 - Hamburg - Pooca Bar
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September 20, 2013 is the day when Andrew’s debut album “Free Man” came out. It’s the mix of blues rock, garage rock and melodic pop rock songs. 
Just one month before the release video for single “Whiskey & Rain” ( saw the world, and immediately went to stream of A-ONE ROCK TV – the one and only TV channel for rock music in Ukraine ( Couple songs from this album are still in rotation list of Radio Rocks (, the only rock radio in Ukraine. 
In February 2014 Andrew released his EP “Garage Sessions”, different from superproduced debut, it was recorded during 6 days and had really solid and “grunge” sound. In the garage of his friend Andrew and his band shot a video for track called “Fake” ( with a temperature -2 °C inside. 
After couple shows in Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia guys went to first European tour, which was lasted 2 months and includes 40 shows from Poland to Italy. 
After a short brake in autumn 2014 Andrew went to second European tour, 2 months as well and this time guys explored the south part of Europe – France, Spain, Portugal etc. 
All together in 2014/2015 guys played around 120 gigs in 17 European countries. This fact allows to declare that Andrew Bear is one of the most touring bands from Ukraine.
Philosophy of the band is simple – they played everywhere they could, but in the same time they always paying attention for a quality of the gig. 
When Andrew and his team returned from Maverick Eurotour in February 2015 he decided to immediately start the work with the new songs.  2 new members jumped in the train and during the Spring 2015 the whole album was written and prepared for recording. 
The idea behind the recording was to make it as much live and honest as guys could, so the band went to Saint-Petersburg to suitable studio. 
7 days of non-stop live recording and the first part of job was done. Because of this 60’s style of tracking guys achieved their main goals – integrity, honesty and harsh sound. 
Then album went to hands of Alex Karelin, famous Russian sound producer. He made his job and finally in the 8th of December 2015 album was released. 
Before, in October 20th 2015, first single and video from upcoming album were released. The song “Divine” ( had really warm welcoming in musical press and mentioning in certain music magazines and blogs in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and US. Fans also appreciated the new look and the new sound of the band. 
After “Lightness” came out guys played the first Ukrainian tour in the end of December 2015 to present and promote their album in their native country.  April – June 2016 - 3rd European tour due to promote second album, the next step forward for the band. 70 days, 52 shows, 22 000 km, new fans and wonderful experience on the road.
Besides, Andrew Bear is full-time DIY independent project. All booking, advertisement and promotional work Andrew is doing by himself with a help of the rest of the band. They have no label, booking-agency, sponsors etc., and all gigs, recordings and other stuff is a merit of guys and friendly fan base which was developed during these 2 years in all parts of European continent. 
Nowadays Andrew moved to Berlin for living to make new steps for the band and find a great people who will help the band to push forward their career.
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