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PETER BLACK (Blackie/Hard Ons/Solo) > Sonstiges
26/10/2017 - Hamburg - Stellwerk Hamburg
Performing Artists:

Peter Black
After spending 2016 writing / recording and releasing a song a day last year (yes that'sone new song every day for a year and 2016 was a leap year!) Peter Black has justreleased solo album number 5 "Maybe If I Took My Headphones Off" and he says "Iwanna release records non stop but.. I also wanna play live so this year both in solo modeand with my bands, Nunchukka Superfly and the Hard Ons, playing a shit load of why not play some European ones too!". Playing a bunch of songs of his new album aswell as from his S.A.D project as well as a few oldies.. He also says "if ya only know themusic I play with my bands come see me acoustically.. guaranteed you'll walk awaysmiling".
New album features Joel Ellis (ex. Nunchukka Superfly), Anna Goldstein (Skinpin).Recorded and Pianoman by Jason Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb). 

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