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BRANT BJORK + guest SEAN WHEELER > Rock'n'Roll  |  Rock
02/10/2017 - 02/10/2017 - Leipzig - UT Connewitz
Performing Artists:


BrantBjork (Guitar, Vocals) | Bubba DuPree (Guitar) 

DaveDinsmore (Bass) | Ryan Gut (Drums)

BrantBjork hails from Palm Desert, California, where he began gigging atthe age of 13. By high school Brant had begun Kyuss with locals JoshHomme, Chris Cockrell, (later Nick Oliveri) and John Garcia. Kyusswas signed to Elektra and became the first desert rock band toachieve international success by spearheading a musical movement thatbrought heavy and psychedelic sounds back to rock and roll and servedas a prototype for all “desert/stoner rock”.

Feelingthe need to embark on his own personal musical journey, in 1999 Brantreleased his first solo record, "Jalamanta", on premierindependent label, Man’s Ruin. Brant plays all of the instrumentson the record and sings with such a quiet soul and conviction it notonly confirmed him as one of the baddest rock drummers of our time,but also legitimised him as a premier talent on all levels. Over thefollowing decade, Brant and his 'bands' (lineup changed many times,just as the band's name) released 8 other albums and toured all overEurope, The States, Canada, and Australia. Their live shows were fastbecoming recognized as the best live rock and roll going and asAussie rag put it, “The closest thing we’ll get to seeing theHendrix Experience.”

OnSeptember 2016, the Low Desert Punks released their second album "TaoOf The Devil" via Napalm Records. Brant says about it: "It’smuch different than the first Low Desert Punk Band record, BlackPower Flower. It’s a lot different. Bubba and I did somecollaboration, we wrote a handful of songs together. Bubba and Ireally focused on the production, we had a concept. We wanted to gowith a, not lo-fi, but definitely not a hi-fi sound. So we kind ofleft it nice and raw." (Interview with The Obelisk)

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