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Amir Obé > Hip Hop & Black
13/06/2017 - Köln - Yuca (CBE)
Performing Artists:

Amir Obé
Three years ago, Amir Obe was done with music. The rapper and producer decided to record one final project exactly the way he wanted. He poured his heart into Detrooklyn, named in honor of the two cities that raised him, posted the tape online and prepared to find a different career. “I put everything I could into that project so if it was my last, I could listen to it when I’m 30 and still be proud of it,” the Detroit native says. “I was working so hard with few results and felt I needed to tell my story as authentic as I could. It was 100% me. If something came out of it, cool. If not, I’m not gonna pursue music heavy.”
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