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Bogdan Raczynski - LIVE >
24/03/2017 - 25/03/2017 - Leipzig - institut fuer zukunft
Performing Artists:

PLAY IT LOUD! the sudden bang of a popping balloon wakes you. slowly you open your manga eyes, feeling sketchy and you wonder why your skin is greenish with a thin black outline. the same weird dream for years, and eventually it became true: you are a comic character now. you've never thought about which style or kind of character you want to be; you are just an elephant. 'this is BOGDAN, go and play!' a voice tells you. 'so pop another balloon, the pink one maybe?' 'are you my creator – the creator of dreams?', was the first thought that came to mind, but... where did the ball pit came from? the ball pit feels really cozy, exact the way rocks dont. 'do you want to ride the slide?' serious mindfuck here, bu t let it happen. see your brain dance.
elephants are made to play it loud - pänguins too.

Bogdan Raczynski  live //  Rephlex Records  / CANADA
the braindance legend
exclusive in germany!

support:  F000L  live //  Hormonal Vibrationz  / COLOGNE

rave in:  caedes  + eine million [  exLEpäng!  ]
rage out:  Das Zirkuskind  +  Ferry S  [  exLEpäng!  ]


ease in: diputs //  exLEpäng!
fat beat: fran // I ♥ LB / INTERMISSION / BERLIN 
dark run:  Fujimi  // JENA

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