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Pilocka Krach delights with funky trashy beats and surprising performances.
Music for never grown up and diskodancing loving people.
Born in Berlin she moves to vienna around the turn of the millenium and starts to produce beats with old fashioned drummachines and accompanies
noisefreejazzer Philipp Quehenberger on stage.

Returning back to Berlin she founds the dj "team rocket" together with Nico
Tabalowski and later singer Philip Spohn - now frontman of "the dose".
After splitting up, Pilocka Krach just can´t get enough and sings: "tanz den electric boogie with me!" since 2005.

Playing live shows, releasing different tracks on vinyl and also organizing the
unbelievable "Karneval der Verpeilten" with the maxundmoriz crew, Pilocka Krach is never ending food for the world. She takes us with her music through an anarchistic hallway of freedom.
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