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Flesh X Peaki > Witch House  |  Dark Ambient
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FLESH is a sonic witch from the seaport, gnawing its way through dynamic speakers all over the world to strike terror into people's living rooms. She uses her own field recordings and various synthesizers in order to achieve her goal of spreading her dark energies as far as possible. These energies penetrate the human psyche to create a paralysing, nightmarish atmosphere, which elevates the listener to another level of conciousness, where FLESH can finally communicate.
PEAKI on the other hand stands for progressive track structures of deep hoover basses, stomping drums with trap and metal rhythms and haunting lead synths. Multilayered melodies, oscillating between playful spheres and emphatic roughness, play with each other in PEAKI's dark atmospheres. Cold synthesis: PEAKIs second generation witch house is mixed with downtune vocal symples and some arabic influences.
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